Google Earth Property Boundaries


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Dec 15, 2011
Carlin, NV
I used to have a layer for Google Earth that would show the property boundaries, but I found out it expired December 31st. I looked where I got that one and they do not mention a replacement of any kind. Anybody on here have a layer for property boundaries to use on GE that doesn't mind sharing where you downloaded it from??


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Mar 1, 2011
Bend, Orygun
Yep geocommunicator closed their sma server service. I have been downloading the GE overlays from TopRut. Instead of the Toprut topos I'm using the earthpoint topo server.
If you know somebody that has them, you can use the old Huntinggpsmaps Plat4GE that they used to sell.


Jun 7, 2015
Tahoe, Yosemite,
I have a friend who surveys for a living. He says GE and the other online services make his company more money than anything. It goes like this- owner looks online for the first time and notices his property line is farther over than he always thought, calls my friend who ALLWAYS exsplains how flawed the online stuff is, owner rarely listens and pays for him to go survey property.

Online stuff is nice for general area.