Garmin 66i or something else


Jul 4, 2017
New Hampshire
All, with all this time on my hands I am thinking about a new GPS, I've always owned Garmin products and currently own a 10 year old Rino. The rino is great except that its no longer supported, cant find batteries or get support from Garmin because its so old.
I am looking at the 66i as its the lead unit for sat communication and map detail and use. Does anyone have experience with the 66i or "in reach" products for navigation and communication? Please share if you do.


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Dec 15, 2011
Carlin, NV
I bought the Garmin InReach before they combined it with a GPS unit. So far I have been using my GPS for everything but keep the InReach along just in case. I have used it to communicate with family and friends and haven't had any problems outside of it can be a little slow. If you are expecting quick conversation like texting then this doesn't appear to be that fast but none the less, I haven't had any problems communicating with those I have sent a message.

Part of me thinks about getting rid of both my GPS and InReach for the 66i but I haven't researched the 66i enough to know. I like my 62st as it will accept the chips from OnX, not sure if that is a possibility with the 66i.