Franchi Affinity 3 versus 3.5"


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Nov 6, 2018
Hi all,

I'm thinking about a new shotgun. I've hunted with 870's and Red Labels my whole life. I've got a desire for a factory camo gun and thinking about an autloader. I really like the feel of the Franchi Affinity's. What do you think about the 3" versus the 3.5" model?

Supposedly the 3.5" will shoot 2.75 and 3" without any issues. This will be a waterfowl gun that opportunistically takes geese. I've never said to myself, "man, I wished I had 3.5". Nor have I ever said, "If I only would have had a 3.5", I would have killed more geese/ducks/whatever". So, is it worth the extra money?

Thanks in advance.


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Feb 25, 2011
North Dakota
What's the price difference? If you think you'll be occasionally hunting geese, I would lean toward 3.5". Plus, if you think you might EVER sell it, 3.5 will appeal to a much wider crowd than just a 3".

I have a 3.5" and while I don't shoot those shells very often, it is very nice knowing I can if I want to. Pass shooting would also be a case where I would definitely like 3.5".


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Feb 25, 2014
Eastern Nebraska
I have owned 2 different gun capable of 3.5. I shot a couple of boxes but never really felt they gave me any advantage- likely due to my style of hunting. I like to decoy birds so 3" with BB is about the largest I shoot. I do love the feel of the Franchi and plan to own one in the near future. Mine will be the shorter barrel with 3" chamber so it's comfortable for pheasant as well as waterfowl in the decoys.