Fishing Photos 2018


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Apr 7, 2011
West Side, MoMo
This past weekends catch.

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Man.. You look like you're hard on the crappie! The wife has been pestering me to actually keep some fish that I catch, but I don't really wanna keep any bass, and I'm not much of a crappie or catfisherman. The struggle is real!

Also, no photos from me, I'm terrible at taking pictures of the fish I catch. Do have a fish story though.. A few weeks ago, after getting teased by a buddy the day before for never weighing or taking pics of bass I catch, I caught what is probably my personal best largemouth, actually weigh him - 7.11 pounds - get my phone to take a pic, fish slips out of my hands, scale falls, batteries fly out, fish has been out of the water too long to retry, put him back unharmed. Still no photo.


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Jul 8, 2015
If it was me I would have dropped my phone in the lake somewhere int hat


Aug 8, 2012
South Texas
My 8 year old with some beaver pond trout he caught last week. I think he might already have mastered the finer points of being an angler, when we were done fishing he said “Dad, can we go eat dinner and talk about the fish we caught?”