First Elk ever!


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Jan 30, 2017
Central WI
So this was a pretty crazy last week. My cousin and i have been planning this hunt for 5 years and finally drew our tag. Well our extended family all went up north for Labor Day wknd to party etc, i stayed home to pack and stain my house anticipating the start of hunting seasons :) well half of them came down with Covid including my cousin of 57 years. Well 2 days before we were suppose to leave, he calls and says hey im not feeling the best lets hold off a day to pack the truck etc. I said you better go get tested and in the back of my mind i was thinking, yep you got it! And had to start thinking of a plan B for myself as our tag is only good from Sept 1 - 30 in Wyoming. So numerous calls later and i had nobody that could commit to coming and i cant blame them, who has 6 days of vaca. to burn just to watch someone else hunt and there were no over the counter tags left in this area either. So long story short my amazing girlfriend made it work and took vacation to come along and help me out! Had an amazing hunt, i screwed up on a 6x4 one morning (used the wrong pin) and shot right over its back. Then connected with this guy 3 days later after getting essentially hunted by a rather large Moose! That's another long story, but id prefer not to ever see another moose in the wild again. I feel horrible for my cousin who is now on oxygen and got out of the hospital literally last night. But i guess for those who are willing to gamble and not get vaccinated, they dont have much to complain about if the poop hits the fan and it ruins a trip. First elk ever and to do it on public land with a bow felt like a hell of an accomplishment! No i didnt bugle him in, but i put us in a spot that had alot of activity and it worked out. Luke


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Jul 8, 2015
Very cool. I had a moose in Colorado give me the stink eye in the dark one time.

Honestly, I wasn't too concerned at the time but after the fact I though back about it and always wondered what his issue

Clearly he wasn't scared of me.
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Mar 27, 2014
Woodland Park, Colorado
I was on a spring grizzly near hunt in Alaska once and after watching a sow with 2 large cubs until dark I was hiking back to my tent in pitch black when a patch of alders exploded right next to me. I thought a Grizzly was about to jump me but it was a moose that ran right past me.
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