FFP scope?


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Jan 9, 2017
Hey guys
Just purchased a Christiansen Arms Ridgeline 6.5 creedmoor for deer hunting. I?m l looking at scopes now and trying to figure some options- here?s what I?m looking for: MOA turret where I can dial in ranges if I have the luxury of time and the animal isn?t moving much, ability to use hash marks as holdover for quicker shots, would prefer lighter scope- I?ve never owned a FFP but I think I would like to go with it. I don?t like having to go to my max magnification to use holdovers. I?ve been considering Nightforce SHV FFP- little on heavy side... thoughts?

Micah S

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Jan 11, 2016
Sandy Oregon
I've been looking for something similar. I think I'll get the nightforce shv of the the new Maven rifle scope that's coming out.


Apr 17, 2015
Ive been overly impressed with my arken SH-4 FFP so far. HD glass is great and tracks perfectly. I was told they are working on a moa version and when they do release that i plan on buying multiple. the Only thing i personally dont care for is that windage turret dont lock but i can live with that for $300 scope. Maybe even just drill and tap a set screw in to turret since they seem very beefy sidewalls.


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Jul 9, 2018
I have the Cabela's Covenant "Tactical" FFP. I don't know that I'd recommend this specific one, I think the reticle is overly detailed so it's more mental "work" to pick the right dot for a hold-over. And same as the comment above about the non-locking SH-4 turret: I wish mine locked in some way.

That said, I'm otherwise impressed with it. FFPs in general were a nice enhancement for me. Most of the time I don't even bother with my rangefinder. It's the kind of thing where once you've used it, it's hard to imagine going back...

ore hunter

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Jul 25, 2014
ive got a vortex pst on my 6.5,,its a ffp scope,,only thing I don't like is no tactical screw on caps for protection,,otherwise its a great scope for just under $1000