Dwight Schuh frame - the rig that will not die.....


May 10, 2018
West Virginia
I had what I think was a Coleman made Dwight Schuh hunting pack in the early 80s. I was hunting in northern Idaho at the time, and because of how brushy it is there, I really liked the fleece bags and the low profile (the top sat just below my shoulders).

My friend found its limit when I lent it to him on a day we packed out a bull in one trip. The frame bowed so much under about 135 pounds of boned out meat that it looked like a C from the side. We had to tie some pretty stout pieces of wood to the sides as reinforcement.


Mar 10, 2011
I've had mine since the early 90's, still going strong. Can't tell you how many hunts. Packed out an elk with it just last fall. Photo is from that hunt getting ready to head out after the hunt, that's me on the right with my Schuh pack loaded up.