Colorado Mule Deer and Black Bear Combo Hunt


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Feb 3, 2014
[video] U[/video]

Hopefully this gets everyone excited for spring bear! Who is going after one?
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Mar 26, 2015
My sons drew a spring bear tag so we are heading out Friday to see what is out. We spotted this bear a month ago in the area they will be hunting, it was 500 yards across a draw. We got to watch him for 1/2 hour until he went into the thick timber.

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Jan 25, 2014
Creston BC Canada
Great video it got me even more excited about getting out there this spring. I probably won't do much hunting for black bears until turkey season is over here in the Kootenays May 15. I may get out for a couple of short afternoon hunts before then but I'd really like to take my first bear on a backpack trip I have planned for later in May. Spot and stalk in some really nice south facing alpine in a roadclosure(vehicle access for hunting purposes restricted). I've been hunting for 30+ years but was never really all that interested in bear hunting until last year and even then I only got out a couple of times. This year I'm hoping to take one in the spring and one in the fall to sort of do a taste comparison. Not looking for a rug or a mount just interested in seeing what the meat is like. If the family doesn't like the meat I most likely won't bother with bear hunting again.