Cabin Build - Timeline with lots of pics.


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Jun 20, 2011
I met with the engineer today about upgrading our service from 100amp to 200am. They will need to run new bigger wire from the transformer to the utility pole (125 feet) and install new meter and 200amp breaker. Cost will be ~ $1700. With that news, I swapped out the 100amp breaker we have been using for construction and wired up what I can (minus the 2 40amp double pole breakers).





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Sep 21, 2020
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It looks very nice for me, you did a very good job! That should be a very useful thing and I think that it is not that hard to make. I found some cool 3D printer models on and I decided to buy one. Now I am watching on the internet what I can do with it and there is a lot of cool and useful stuff to be honest. Moreover I can save a lot of money with it because I don't need to spend for different stuff from the store. So, soon I think I will make the same for my car, I hope I will make it right.
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Jun 20, 2011
I just got from 8 days at the cabin. The first 4 days had highs around 65 and the last 4 days had 40mph winds. Pretty rough bowhunting and never saw a buck big enough to shoot. I did however kill a few projects while up there.

I installed a countertop and backsplash in the kitchen.


And installed some carsiding in the bathroom. I was one piece short so couldn't finish trimming out the bathroom.


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