Bowhunting Africa 2020

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Oct 6, 2015
Im making the final arrangements for another traveling bowhunt. This time its to the Limpopo Province of South Africa for a late August/Early Sept. trip for a week of hunting several species.

This trip like most of my other traveling, bow hunts will be centered around further testing of new bowhunting gear Ive spent a lot of time designing.

I just got back from the 2020 ATA show where a bowhunting accessory I spent nearly 2 years designing was named one of a few named "Best in Show, Breakthrough Innovation" and Im hoping to use this item during all my bow hunts up to and including the African hunt.

Right now, Im focusing on wildebeest, blesbok, impala and warthog but will add additional species once I arrive. In advance of this trip Im planning other traveling hunts to do proof of concept testing on other bowhunting gear. I'll keep a journal of the prep and planning and the hunt.

I visited my bank to do a wire transfer of funds to the African bank used by the outfitter Im bowhunting with. The teller filled out the forms and before she handed it to me to sign, she asked the purpose and reason for me sending this amount of money to an African bank. I thought this was odd since its my money so I asked her why I would need to justify or explain what I do with my money, she told me that the wire transfer needs approval before it can take place.

I told her I got an email from the son of a Nigerian Prince that is going to transfer a large amount of money into my bank account but he needed me to send him several thousand dollars first. Then I laughed and told her Im going on a traveling bow hunt to Africa and Im paying down a portion of the hunt. On the form she wrote "Hunting trip". I signed it and actually had to wait for somebody at the bank to approve the wire transfer.

Next up is meeting with my Travel agent for the airline tickets.
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