Best hunting boots????

I am a big fan of the Crispi Summits that I got earlier this year. Have put some miles on them just hiking around the black hills, badlands, and devils tower this summer. I can honestly say they are the best boots I have ever bought.
So little fatigue and they feel like they are bulletproof. Climbed a boulder field at the devil's tower and they had a great grip on the rocks and a great sole for the sharp rocks. I would definitely check them out if you haven't decided yet.

6mm Remington

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Mar 27, 2011
Western Montana
Whites Dri-Foot with the Montana Claw lug sole. I have the uninsulated boot and my feet were nice and toasty just weaing a pair of wool blend socks even in deep snow and 0 degree weather.


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Feb 2, 2012
Parker, CO
I wore Danners for many years and liked them. But I finally broke down and bought Kenetrek mountain extremes. I love this boot and just bought my second pair. Sent the old ones in and had them resolved. Like a brand new boot already broke in! Big fan but just my two cents!


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Mar 20, 2013
I still keep getting Lowa's. They are tough boots and hold up extremely well in rough rugged country. Does take a while to break them in.