Best hunting boots????

I am a big fan of the Crispi Summits that I got earlier this year. Have put some miles on them just hiking around the black hills, badlands, and devils tower this summer. I can honestly say they are the best boots I have ever bought.
So little fatigue and they feel like they are bulletproof. Climbed a boulder field at the devil's tower and they had a great grip on the rocks and a great sole for the sharp rocks. I would definitely check them out if you haven't decided yet.

6mm Remington

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Mar 27, 2011
Western Montana
Whites Dri-Foot with the Montana Claw lug sole. I have the uninsulated boot and my feet were nice and toasty just weaing a pair of wool blend socks even in deep snow and 0 degree weather.


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Feb 2, 2012
Parker, CO
I wore Danners for many years and liked them. But I finally broke down and bought Kenetrek mountain extremes. I love this boot and just bought my second pair. Sent the old ones in and had them resolved. Like a brand new boot already broke in! Big fan but just my two cents!


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Mar 20, 2013
I still keep getting Lowa's. They are tough boots and hold up extremely well in rough rugged country. Does take a while to break them in.


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Nov 30, 2019
You have to spend some dough for good boots! Foot comfort is key to happy hunting!

I 've used Hanwag Lhasa's fo 3 years of hard backpacking hunts. They are uninsulated but i find myself wearing them in late season elk hunts too because they are so comfortable. i do not wear them when not hunting. I've destroyed a few pairs of Danners, Rocky's, etc. before ponying up for some expensive boots.
Sage and cactus and such will destroy some boots! Not sure what kind of boots will withstand that terrain, but I love my Hanwags for rocky, high elevation terrain and snow. I have some Lowa Caminos that i don't love as much, but they are a good boot (if i'd never tried Hanwags). I'm interested in Crispi's but don't think i would buy them without trying them in person...
Depends on your style of hunting but the backpacking boots seem way better than boots marketed for hunters.... hunting boots are heavy, wide, (they grab about 2 pounds of mud...) Backpacking (Scarpa, Hanway, Lowa, etc.) have a narrower profile and great support in all directions.
Good luck. Boots are the most worthwhile investment for your hunt, in my opinion.

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Jul 25, 2014
I just got a pair of red wing 10" elk stalkers in 1000 gr thinsulate for relatively cold weather,,i had a late cow elk hunt ,got down to -6 f,,my feet were perfect w 2 pairs of wool socks,,so far im impressed with these boots in the $255 ball park,good tread,not too heavy,gortex,thinsulate,broke in easily.


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Jul 9, 2018
Update, this year I got a pair of Danner Alsea. I got them after hunting season but I still was able to put about 15mi on them between pheasant hunting and a few short hikes. So far so good. I don't know if I'll be able to use them in warmer months. My local store only had the insulated version and my feet tend to run warm. We'll see...


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Feb 28, 2011
Love my crispi boots west river i think is the model. 400 gram insulated

5 of the 6 guys i work with all have at least one pair. 1 of those 5 is a guide and does wear both crispi and kennatrec. Couple of the guys will wear them at work too.
3 of these guys are avid chucker hunters and put several 5 plus miles each day every weekend .

I just bought my wife a pair of crispi for xmas so we'll see how that goez over.

Danner dont fit me and I'd be better off barefoot.
Have an old pair of rocky's for summer messing around but no serious hiking.

Only other boot i can wear and put on miles and still walk the next day are my old whites smokejumpers that i wore fighting fire and logging