Baby Turkey Rescue

D.Turvey Jr

Eastmans' Staff / Moderator
Feb 11, 2014
Powell, WY
So while I was walking to my truck this morning to head to work I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was a rabbit but my curiosity got the better of me. I did an about face and peered around the edge of my tool shed to see a baby turkey staring back at me! Keep in mind, I live in town and things like this rarely happen though I am presuming this was a domestic chick that got away.

So anyway, I tried to catch the little guy and this happened...

At this point, I gave up and went to work. My wife calls me a short time later and told me the little guy was very vocal so I had the bright idea to head home, get my turkey decoy and slate call out and get to work on my charade and hopefully coax him down.

With no immediate success of talking him down, I went back to work only to receive this image a short time later! My calling and decoy work was a success! Happy to report the little guy my wife and kids named Pete, is now residing on a local farm with some new buddies courtesy of the animal control gal in the picture. I am glad Pete didn't look over his shoulder to see the fans of his fallen brethren back there...

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