Arrow Advice


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Dec 9, 2015
I'm currently shooting a Hoyt Ultra38 with a 29" draw set at 67 pounds. The poundage is what I am comfortable with and I'm really asking about arrows that would work, without changing the setup on my bow. I currently have Easton's Flatline D.O.A. arrows, with Rage broadheads. I realize both equipment are of some age.

I do not have the current weight of the arrow and broadheads on me though.

My question is simple, or somewhat simple: I'm shooting at 50-60 yards with suspect shooting patterns, which I feel are more user-error than equipment, but I have noticed how much different the above mentioned arrows fly compared to some re-fletched Maxima arrows that I've got in rotation just to see a difference. The Maxima arrows seem to shoot much more consistent than the Eastons. Anybody got a rec on a good solid set of arrows? I ain't looking to spend $200 bucks on half a dozen or dozen arrows...I'm frugal or cheap, however you want to say it, but I just can't afford that stuff.


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Jun 4, 2015
Powell, Wyoming
I would personally shoot Easton Full Metal Jackets. They will slam through those Kentucky deer. They are on the more expensive side. However if you are patient and keep an eye on Archery talk you should easily be able to find some for about 45 dollars per half dozen. IMO they are the best arrow on the market. They fly straight and carry the kinetic energy to bust shoulder blades. If I am not mistaken you should be shooting FMJ 400's.


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Jul 16, 2016
Gold Tip Kinetic and the Easton Axis are both good choices. Good weight and durable for both of them. I would use the HIT insert on the kinetic if that is the way you go. Good luck.