Antelope success thread


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Mar 12, 2011
Out West
Well, after looking over quite a few antelope in Eastern Montana, got onto this nice buck. Was looking for a big cutter buck and he didn’t disappoint at just under 6”. Most bucks were small in this unit though, and it was a tough 9 days. He’s 15 2/8” tall. Missed him 2 days before and relocated him, stalked into 165 yards while he was asleep and waited for him to stand. Gotta love Montana!



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Dec 13, 2011
I killed a doe around noon today. took a tumble and messed up both legs , so I was to busy trying to hobble my goat and myself to the truck to think to take pics.
scraped up one shin pretty good and twisted ankle on other leg. hope to be ok by next weekend to continue my cow elk hunt but I don't expect I'LL be doing any 5 mile hikes anytime soon.

thankfully my cow elk hunt doesn't usually require it
Sounds painfull and to do it loading out an animal on top of it

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