American Made Doubles

Don Fischer

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Jul 20, 2020
Boy is this old, what the h*ll, so am I! I've always had a thing for the Winchester mod 21 and I think Connecticut Shotgun co still put it out. Don't spell so good and the name of the company is probably different but that close. If he could find one the Win Mod 23 was some gun also. They are both SxS's though! I didn't see where he said O/U or SxS.

I had a Charles Daley 12ga SxS and loved it. Somehow it ended up with my son! Had a Savage 300 O/U years ago but think it was made in Japan. The Charles Daley was also made in Japan. I have several SxS's today, three AyA matadors, plain version's and recently got two CZ Bobwhite's. Straight grip's and double trigger's, on 20ga and one 28ga, love them. They are made in that country we hate and I can't spell. America is simply not the cutting edge for good double guns! Although yesterday I was in the Bi Mart in Madras and they have a 12ga Steven's 555 in there, Pretty nice looking gun and possibly the only one he'd find anywhere near his price range. I had an old Stevens SxS 12ga years ago and it was a boat anchor but never ever failed me. wasn't all that pretty but boy did it shoot. I'm thinking every O/U and SxS sold by American company's anymore are made in some other country! The exception being the Connecticut co, still can't spell it, ah, spell check! They have some nice looking guns but spendy. Oh yea, seem's they also made the Parker Reproduction for a while! Couple years ago at a field trial, I saw one of the Connecticut versions of the Win Mod 21 Only word to describe it was stunning, well expensive might work too!

Wonder if the OP ever found himself a gun?
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