Advice for a bad glasser...


Apr 15, 2016
What I've picked up on glassing is slow scanning of the area. Pick out and object 2 objects and scan from point a to point b. At least thing works for me ��. Next is a good set of binocs. Clear glass helps pic out objects you wouldn't see with a pair of tascos. Go to the nearest sporting goods store and ask if you can take a few pairs outside. The reason to go outside is that the lighting is different in the store compared to outside. You can tell a big difference in good glass and bad!


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Nov 29, 2011
it may have already been mentioned, but if not, here goes... I think I actually read about this in an Eastmans!

but don't scan with your binos at a constant rate...
pick an area, hold, and look in that area, then move over 100yds or whatever in your field of view and scan that area, and repeat...

look for movement, when you're scanning/moving your binos field of view it's much tougher to spot an animal or movement vs when they're set looking at 1 zone and not moving/scanning.


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Jun 4, 2011
north idaho
when you go to lunch, start looking for birds. get your eyes used to looking for animals and the small movement that catch your eyes.
basically look for animals at all times of the day all year round. not just hunting, but anywhere you can. You will than train your eyes on what to look for.


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Jul 10, 2015
I would agree with most everything said. I would just stress the need for a tripod. The Monarchs are a good set of glass and will work just fine for spotting game. One of the biggest reasons for a tripod is that you just cant hold still enough using anything else. Many times I have spotted game with a simple ear or tail twitch that I wouldn't have seen without the tripod. Also, you aren't necessarily trying to spot a deer or elk or whatever you're hunting, you look for smaller shapes like an ear, front fork, leg, etc. Even looking for colors can work but a little more difficult. I don't know where this came from but I heard it from a buddy, "I'd rather have a $100 set of binos on a tripod than a $2000 set without." If you take these guys advice and go out and practice you'll be a much happier hunter.


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Dec 2, 2015
My dad always said, if you can see small birds on the hill side you are glassing, then you are looking good enough to see an ear flip or antler tip rotate, or tail flick.


Apr 21, 2015
Kalispell, MT
It may have already been said, but be sure to look through stuff too. I killed a nice 6x7 bull a couple of years ago after looking though thick brush and seeing some big black branches moving around (his big black rack?). I found a perfect 18" hole in that brush and got him. My first inclination was always to look "AT" the terrain. If you make yourself look beyond patches of brush or timber you'll often see things you never would have seen otherwise.