A few messages to all hunters


Sep 12, 2016
Message #1: I wish each, and every hunter east coast, to west coast, man, woman, black, white, and purple, young, and old the best of luck on all of your hunting endeavors! Big game, or small game, have fun, and harvest your limits!

Message #2: Be aware that if you are hunting on county, or lease roads, especially in the oil/gas/coal fields that there are non-hunters out there. What I mean by that is that is that there are people doing a job, and not hunting. Be careful when you are pulling a line of trailers I.E camper, and toy hauler combos on narrow dirt roads that have limited sight distance. Please don't run people who are working off the road while looking for game.

Message #3: Finally please if you're an outfitter, or leasing public land for your livestock don't deny people access to said public land. Some people me included can't afford private access fees, or tags and all that, all we have is public lands, and denying access to actual public land deprives us all of opportunities to hunt when that happens. I understand the temptation to extend your own hunting grounds, but please keep us out of our land.

Anyway sorry if this got a little preachy I meant this as a purely positive message. I hope every one has a fantastic hunting season!