2022 Fishing thread


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Dec 13, 2011
Been able to sneak out a few times with the family on the hard water and catch some fish and make memories when the weather is too cold to chase bobcat. My kids are 3&5 and really enjoy spending time in the fish house. Im headed to Mille Lacs lake in Central MN this weekend. Hope we can find a few fish! Like others have posted, when Feb. rolls around I prefer to coyote hunt over fishing but we make it work to squeeze both in.

I was blessed with a trophy Walleye this summer and recently got it back. Very pleased with the replica! Good luck fishing to all, tight lines!
Thats a hell yeah walleye nice catch


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Apr 23, 2016
been awhile since I got out there and ripped some lips.
(that's not what she sayed) ;) :rolleyes:

looking forward to the spring warmup and slinging some heavy metal for bass!

got my nephew all setup for flyfishing this xmas so will also be taking him out to learn the ropes on swishing flys.
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Feb 21, 2011
Despite it being the absolute worst month of the year to fish the east cape, we managed to have a pretty good trip. It was so windy, we were only able to get out on 2 charters. The first time was really good, and the second was a blank. Mornings tend to be a little calmer, and my boys and I were able to get out on the kayaks several times. Brought back a meal of fish every time on the kayaks.74E8C663-C4DC-41B5-A8E3-ECC11B6BB95A.jpeg8801C3B0-BAD5-438E-90ED-A5A83C9A69FF.jpeg0AF77C3F-E382-437F-90C8-287921C2E939.jpeg0DE33CDD-1112-4B6F-B738-AE5BF71A5410.jpeg85F6D4FC-0B01-4C39-8B16-5F8CD25CCDA2.jpeg0E117FEF-F271-43DB-940F-AD60632570A3.jpegBFC863CC-0842-4C55-9349-9813A6C1ECBD.jpeg23941C91-3A33-4178-93BF-AF952930A7B9.jpegF5B7879E-FEE3-499C-A67B-CC8718DFE3C4.jpeg


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Jul 8, 2015
Ya I was actually wondering if I was correct calling them amberjacks or not.

My buddy caught this one and it was an amberjack and I though it looked slightly different. I didn't notice a yellow tail on his but I didn't get much of a chance to look at it as they were not in season and we had to chuck it back in.