2020 Alternatives


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Apr 18, 2016
Far West Texas
Drew an elk tag in Colorado this year... very excited for that. However, I struck out in all the other states I applied for. Currently looking for alternate hunts. NM and AZ nonlonger have leftover tags available.

Considering OTC Barbary Sheep in NM or OTC fall bear in AZ. Not sure if there is anything left in CO. Any thoughts or suggestions on this will be appreciated. Thanks


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
They'll be something left in Colorado just what is to be seen. I just looked and there is no link to what is left but it should be up quickly since the tags go on sale on the 4th.

There will be at least one deer tag in Utah since my brother in law is going to turn his tag for the Manti in. He is having health problems and when I talked to him today I told him to just turn it back in with all that is going on right now we feel that is the best thing to do. But I'll hang onto my tag and depending on circumstances may go or I may not. It is too far off to make a decision.

Wyoming has a few antelope tags but I am guessing that they are leftover for a reason. Lots of private property with very had access is quite likely.

Arizona bear sounds like a good one to check out. I have my black bear so I'm not really interested in another one.

It is getting to the point here in the west that if you don't draw a tag the pickings are very slim.
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