2019 Success!


Jun 6, 2018
For as long as I can remember, I haven't filled both of my Missouri buck tags in the same year. That all changed this year. I am feeling very blessed as this year I did not think we would find the time to spend in the woods that would be needed for success beings that I became a father in June of 2019. Boy was I wrong. This has shaped up to be one of my best years yet. Not because of the size of the bucks we have killed, but by how much fun we have had hunting. We spend so much of our time managing for deer on our farms it is more of a job than a hobby. On November 8th My wife and I tagged 2 mature deer out of the same stand same hunt together which will be a memory I will forever cherish. We rattled both bucks in and saw both deer go down within sight of our stand. I also got lucky and killed a nice buck opening day of gun season. Now I have no idea what to do the rest of the year...Lol. I guess I will get to the honey dos a little early. Anyone else having any luck this year??