2019 spring bear--Anyone else in the drawing?

Congrats to you guys.
I can draw any bear hunt in the state, just not real sure I want one.
Reasons I hunt spring bear:
1. Camp life and camaraderie
2. Season is the opposite part of the year from fall seasons
3. Weather is getting nicer in the spring instead of worse in the fall
4. Great scenery and lots of other critters to see
5. Bears are cool animals to watch and hunt
6. Bear sausage!
This is my train of thought with spring bears. I'm not sure high-point hunts are better than low-point hunts, and the hunt with the best trophy potential is probably the SW Oregon tag that is easy to draw. My ideal goal is to settle on a hunt that takes 1 point to draw and take the family every year, with each person getting a tag every other year.