2016 Nebraska rifle season whitetail buck for my 15 yr old son

Kevin W

Jan 26, 2013
Sunday afternoon November 13th was a great day for for my son Kenny (15 yrs old) and I as this bruiser of a buck followed two does out of the timber of the family farm pasture 75 yards from where we were set up in a blind. Kenny's first shot was a broadside standing shot that I thought connected well and the second he took (at the fleeing buck) was a clean miss. Thankfully the first was perfectly placed and after a 50 yard burst from the buck my son and I walked up on the largest whitetail ever taken off of the century old farm. The raw excitement and unbounded joy that Kenny showed absolutely made my season. I'm not one for scores but think the buck is in the 160's area give or take. The buck does have a right side with a regular 5 points and a left side with a couple in lines and a forked brow leaves the left side with 8 points, lots of character, good mass and like last years buck that Kenny got a 23 inch spread too boot.

Kenny eyes open - Edited.jpg


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Mar 1, 2011
Great buck, congratulations. I think he will gross score better than you think too, can't tell 100% by the pic but he looks to have quite a few inches there. Great deer.