2015 elk succes thread


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Feb 3, 2014
We need to put pressure on our reps to get the grizzly bears removed. Long over due on the numbers that we actually have.

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Mar 20, 2013
Very very nice Justin!! Great looking bulls.
Well I filled my MT tag on opening day, and also helped a friend tag his first elk. Both were shot minutes after legal shooting light and only 100 yards apart. It was pretty cool, I will post the full story later.



Feb 17, 2014
I did leave my bull over night and was lucky the Grizz didn't find it. The pictures with the grizz are of another unlucky hunter in our group.
We watched 5 grizz and 1 black bear where we were setup and at one point 3 different bears at the same time. No shortage of bears in Wyoming wilderness !!
Gunshots are like a dinner bell to them!


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Mar 18, 2011
Peachtree City, GA.
Good Bulls everyone. I've been MIA for awhile on my fishing trip in MT.

Pete that was a nice bull you got. Congrats on your first bull. Like someone else already stated "you're having a hell of a year." I know you've got a couple more weeks left to go. So I'll be expecting a cow and deer picture soon. GATA!

JJ that sure was a nice bull you shot to. Pete texted me a picture while I was up there. Congrats! Sorry we couldn't all hook up while I was up there. Glad you got to meet up with Pete though. Wish it would have worked out. Just so you know, you didn't miss anything on the MIssouri. But the Madison was mighty good to us.

Once again congrats to everyone on their elk success. Some nice pictures.


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Nov 30, 2014
Bull elk.jpgCow elk.jpg
Here was my elk season. Got the cow on the first day about 2 in the afternoon, got her all packed out before dark. Got the spike about 15 minutes after light the next day, and got him packed out that day. Had a total of 14 hours into packing out meat, about 5 hours longer than my total time logged hunting. Took about 7 hours after I got home to cut up and package them.

Congratulations to everyone else that was able to punch a tag as well!!!