1st Kill With the Lefty Bow


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Jul 21, 2016
Northcentral PA
Was able to harvest this small 7pt this morning after missing the buck of a lifetime at 22yds, how I’ll never know. The trail cam photo from today was at the exact time I was 300yds away field dressing mine. This may very well be the one I missed. Oh well, thankful for the harvest and maybe he’ll live to chase next year. Morning began with a 1.5 mile mtn bike ride in the snow, sat 3 hours and seen nothing. To the feet I went. Caught the big boy sneaking along a bench, perfect setup coming right to me and I had the wind perfect, then I whiffed. Ugh. Sick to my stomach at this point. 1 hr later I spot a nice 10pt, no cover, can’t get close, busted me at about 100yds. Shortly there after found the one I took. Was pretty happy with this hunt as I spotted this deer over 100yds away and was successful in stalking into about 30yards and redeeming myself. Not too easy stalking whitetail around here. 1 mile drag out solo. Meat in the freezer, 2 tags to go2886528866


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Jul 8, 2015
Sneaking in on a deer in PA is much harder than most people will every understand. Its not stalking terrain in most of the state and the deer are nervous from the day they hit the dirt until the day they hit the dirt....

True trophy taken from the ground for sure!
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