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    Caribou 2019

    Looks like a fun hunt … congrats on the two bulls!
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    New from Pa

    Welcome to the site! I'm in Colorado now but grew up near Pittsburgh.
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    Leica makes great rangefinders. I love mine.
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    Bino packs

    Nice !!!
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    Bino packs

    I have two from Alaska Guide and they work well for me.
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    What Ticks Me Off......

    Me too!! If it wants to die … it can die ;)
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    Tri-tip ?
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    What Ticks Me Off......

    So it ticks me off when someone gets in the fast lane and drives right beside someone in the slow lane and they both go the same speed and block the entire road for miles...
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    Scouting 2019

    That's a great buck mntnguide! I hope you get a chance at him during hunting season.
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    What Ticks Me Off......

    No turn signals for me either … but it's ok, I know where I'm going.
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    What Ticks Me Off......

    Oh boy, this thread may go on longer than the jocularity thread !! ;)
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    WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter

    That's awesome! Such a nice thing for you to do. Congrats to you and the happy hunter !!
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    Magazine cut off

    Good answer !!
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    Blood Trailing...Have You Ever Had A Trail Run Dry?

    Cool video. Thx Scott!
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    Very nice. I have their 12x50s and I like them a lot … but your new ones will definitely be easier to carry.