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    The question SOME of us have always wondered about....

    Good point … good point !!
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    The question SOME of us have always wondered about....

    Wait, so you CAN'T pour melted wax down the drain??? :oops: :sneaky:
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    unit 31 deer

    Maybe … but if we're on a Nationwide shut down or anything like that you may not be able to use the tag. Jut something else to consider.
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    unit 31 deer

    Perfect!! (y)
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    unit 31 deer

    Which old wise man said that? :unsure:
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    Hunting Seasons In Trouble?

    Of course not … all the poachers should rally together !! ... and I mean physically get together all in one place and share germs with each other as much as possible. A couple of weeks later much of the poaching problem will be solved :sneaky:
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    Bear hunting tips

    That's exactly what I did last spring in Montana. Saw a least one sow with cubs everyday. Finally spotted, and got, a nice boar on day 5.
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    Bear season closed

    Thx for the info! Gotta agree with you, it's not too crowded hunting bear :-)
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    Opening The Can Of Worms...Coronavirus...

    Yep, their leaders control the press completely and they won't let us see or hear anything they don't want to … except at a classified level which we're not discussing here.
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    Hunting applications during Corona.

    Interesting article, thx!
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    Hunting applications during Corona.

    True. It's just hard to say what types of travel restrictions the states will put, or still have, in place.
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    shake it up baby

    Plenty of hogs to hunt there now I believe.
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    Gunnison now “locals only”

    That order is already in place in Colorado, but I can see Highway 24 from my house (the major road from Colorado Springs west into the mountains) and there's still a lot of traffic on it. I don't think everyone is taking the "essential travel only" order seriously.
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    Hunting applications during Corona.

    Well put Horniac. That's what I was thinking … but you said it much better.