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    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    high country mule deer
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    Last hours of the last day

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    Last hours of the last day

    nice bear!!! way to get it done! poison oak bear...
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    AK Spring Grizzly

    that is awesome!!! supper jealous!!! congrats again!
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    Is that not that much success in there for wolfs

    i lucked into one this year. heard them howling a few drainage away and just started running up and over towards them after a couple mile and to make a long story shorter one popped up at about 50 yards in front of me!!! pry the coolest eeriest thing i have ever done!!
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    The Backpack Hunting Picture Contest

    the watering hole
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    The Backpack Hunting Picture Contest

    archery mule deer hunt
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    Forum Banner Contest

    here is another
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    idaho moose sheep goat results are out

    nothing for me or the wife. anyone draw anything cool?
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    Huntin Rigs

    out of state rig then the in state rigs nothing like driving home with an archery blacktail in the trunk of a geo
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    Elk Jerky Pics

    that is funny because we trade those dirty fish for all kinds of stuff down here!! when you can catch them right out your back door they aren't that special.
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    it sure would have been nice to have the Badlands Sleep System on this hunt... then the mystery ranch pack to pack out the deer and the yeti cooler to put them in when we made it back to the truck
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    colorado archery deer

    i am looking into doing a archery backpack high country hunt this year. i am looking at 53 or 54. eastmans MRS doesn't mention 53 or 54 for archery so i am just looking for a little feed back. i know this area got hit hard in the winter of 07/08. is it reasonable to go in and hunt hard and...