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    Missing some forum friends

    Howdy everyone! :) We sold our ranch last summer. Tons of work to get that place ready to sell and then moving. We had a 5th wheel delivered to a nearby RV park because I wasn't set-up to tow. A few weeks later, we had lightning fires hit on both sides of us. My wife smelled smoke in the...
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    Help in choosing which AZ Unit Archery Elk

    Here are the NR draw odds from 2019 sorted by bonus points to draw. Draw odds are a good starting point when sorting out top units, but other factors do come into play, such as trending units that applicants at large aren't tracking or in this case hunts that have no tag in the bonus pass that...
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    Arizona outfitters

    A lot depends on the unit you will be hunting.
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    Help in choosing which AZ Unit Archery Elk

    Sent you a PM
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    blacktail trail cam pics

    Another buck on our property, but during the rut.
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    blacktail trail cam pics

    The pic of this blacktail came off our property. I never saw this buck.
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    Here Kitty Kitty....

    It was the East, near Harris Canyon.
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    Here Kitty Kitty....

    Just me chillin' with my new friend that I met on my son's Oregon Bighorn Sheep hunt last week. P.S. The very next day, my son shot his ram in this same canyon, less than 300 yards away. When we dropped further into the canyon to retrieve his ram, it looked like a sheep graveyard.
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    Kaibab early rifle!

    I am 90% sure this video is from a 12A East early rifle tag.
  10. 2018 Oregon Columbia Whitetail (private land)

    2018 Oregon Columbia Whitetail (private land)

    In 2018, my wife drew a coveted Premium buck tag (1 tag per unit) for a unit near home. We spotted this buck in the velvet on an adjacent property in the velvet. She finally took him in November.
  11. 2012 Montana Pronghorn

    2012 Montana Pronghorn

    My wife's 2018 Montana pronghorn. This buck did't look like much when he looked straight at us, but when he turned his!
  12. 2018 WY Pronghorn

    2018 WY Pronghorn

    My fourth son's second pronghorn ever and second of 2018.
  13. 1995 BC Stone Sheep

    1995 BC Stone Sheep

    My BC Stone Sheep. Guides Dan Leonard and Danny Moore.
  14. 2018 Oregon Columbia Whitetail (Archery)

    2018 Oregon Columbia Whitetail (Archery)

    My oldest son's archery Columbia Whitetail. First Columbia Whitetail shot off our property.