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    Gun Shops - Casper?

    You know I have been waiting for Sportsman /BPS change over to happen, but I have too many BPS points & I like Sportsman’s Warehouse stufff better.
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    Colorado Waterfowl 21/22

    Great shoot, didn’t realize you had that variety of ducks in your flyway there & that early.
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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Nice mount, congrats
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    Since I got my extractor fixed I will bring 2 boxes. No longer a 1 shot deal.
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    Sighting in your rifle

    You guys were correct, went down to the range & got my gun dialed in. 1 thing I like about this forum is everybody here is great about information in helping others and not a lot of drama you encounter on other sites, thx.
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    4 Man Pit Blinds

    It’s actually better for the Hunter being low to the ground, better concealment & easier to cover
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    Sighting in your rifle

    Thanks, I was reading somewhere that it was better to sight in at a lower power due the higher power sometime creates more wobble when you are trying to steady the rifle looking down range. Will give a try tomorrow.
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    Sighting in your rifle

    Anyways, kind of embarrassed about asking this question, but anyways what power level do you typically use when zeroing in your rifle at 100 yards? Kind of struggling here with he season approaching and have been switching back & forth between low power & high power with no consistent accuracy...
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    Savage extractor issues

    Yes it is fairly hard to push down & springs back up. Thx for your interest & help. Will review the PDF.
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    Savage extractor issues

    Here is photo, can't really notice any damage
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    Savage extractor issues

    I have been trying to find a load my rifle will shoot accurately & I tried the superformance last week, maybe that contributed a little bit. Unfortunately my gun did not like those loads, they were all over the place. I quit after 3 shots. Know anyone looking to buy these, got 2 boxes.
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    Savage extractor issues

    Just called Savage this morning and they are sending new ejector parts. Can post picture later today, thx JimP
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    Savage extractor issues

    All factory ammo, just won’t eject the shell
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    Savage extractor issues

    Well I bought myself a Savage Storm 110 for Christmas last year. In getting it ready & sighted for Wyoming deer hunt in 2 weeks & now it won't eject shells. Anyone else have this issue with a Savage? I do have a backup to bring in its place so its not a total disaster. Anyways good luck this...
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    First Elk ever!

    Good job👍