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    Elk hunting arrows

    So what fixed blades would you reccomend?
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    Elk hunting arrows

    Rage Hypodermic 100 grain
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    Elk hunting arrows

    I've killed numerous whitetail with my bow and understand I will need a heavier arrow for elk. I was just wanting to know what arrows and how heavy everyone shot. I have 2 bows that I hunt with: 1) 65lbs, 386 grain arrow, 300fps 2) 65lbs, 405 grain arrow, 288fps Will either of these set-ups...
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    Just elk and deer points for me.
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    CO Point Creep in 2021? You Bet!!

    I hope your right and they get cutoff sooner than later.
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    Results are Up

    GMU 30
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    Results are Up

    Drew my first choice mule deer tag for November, but struck out for elk.
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    18 Year Wait

    Congrats, very nice goat!!