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    Colorado Secondary Draw

    Could the 5 tags be from hunters that drew and didn’t pay. If so they should kindly put one in ur cart.
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    Applying in AZ Drawing Deadline 2/9/2021

    Gona be hunting the grand Mesa this year elk/deer muzz in September.
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    Applying in AZ Drawing Deadline 2/9/2021

    That is probably what I’ll do if kaibab archery isn’t within reach at 6 points next year. Really wanna Hunt a unit with the best chance at a Big cat and a decent buck.
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    Monsoons in SW Colorado

    Any rain on the grand Mesa?
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    Applying in AZ Drawing Deadline 2/9/2021

    My elk points showed updated. Unit 12 and 13 may take 50 years to draw for someone just starting out. I’m at 4 points going in this year For deer and I really wish I wouldn’t have got in the game. It’s very expensive and there is the smallest of chances I’ll ever get a late hunt in these...
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    How do you hunt for hunting rifles on sale?

    Brickseek walmart
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    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    Muzz buck on my 10 acre “ranch”. Second one killed on Oklahoma public land with bow.
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    Draw Results start tomorrow all week long !!!!

    Drew unit 31 32 deer and elk muzz. Hope it is better than my unit 75 751 muzz elk hunt last year.
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    What Is Your Favorite All Around Caliber...And Why????

    338 win mag is my new love. Very accurate and 150-275 grain bullets Fast and flat or not so fast and brutish in the brush. that being said therewill never be a more capable all around caliber for the great USA than the 30-06 Springfield. No offense mr O’Connor.
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    Unit 771 and 78 advice

    Welcome to the forum. 771 is majority ute land with no access. There is a little usfs in the Burns canyon area and its accessible sw of Pagosa. Elk few and far between. The units u picked (78 for damn sure) will have more people camped and road hunting than unit 51 or 52 in ur home state...
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    Colorado Unit 81

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    Colorado Unit 81

    the Colorado cowboy has spun that wheel I think. He mite be able to assist u.
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    NM 16 elk tag

    How did the gila treat u ??
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    Deer 2021

    There was a lota point creep this year and there will be twice as much next year. Id look at second season to draw with 2 points unless its a near leftover tag unit. If the deer are in ur hunt unit go get them. People take the easy way out and pray for snow and hormones to make it easy for...
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    2nd draw

    drew a crackerjack b lister bear tag