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    Deer 2021

    There was a lota point creep this year and there will be twice as much next year. Id look at second season to draw with 2 points unless its a near leftover tag unit. If the deer are in ur hunt unit go get them. People take the easy way out and pray for snow and hormones to make it easy for...
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    2nd draw

    drew a crackerjack b lister bear tag
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    New Mexico Unit 56 & 58 Antelope

    Go to Sierra Blanca in 56 and rabbit ears mountain in 58. Plenty goats. Great tags. Lucky folks.
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    2nd draw

    Should be this week as the site says july 17 tentative result posting date
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    In the market for a hunting pack

    The badlands 2200 is an awesome pack but unless they have redesigned them they are heavy. I would definitely choose badlands for quality and price but the summit is in my opinion their best pack and 5400 ci I think. Weighed about the same as the 2200. I found one on midway a couple years ago...
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    AZ Deer

    I don’t expect a hit for another 20-25 year with point creep
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    wtb ruger stainless rings

    found some thanks
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    WTS - Kuiu Icon Pro Pack w/2 Bags

    Im interested if u still have this 3200
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    CC Hits!

    Got hit 401.83$ Looks like 31/32 3rd
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    New Mexico antelope applications since A-Plus was eliminated

    I bet more applied this year than the last two years. In this day and age of less and less people hunting there is just more and more playing the new mexico lottery. Doesn't make any sense to me.
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    Badlands algus pants

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    2020 draw results thread

    virus scare will set them back to the planned date. hope not but probly
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    April 7...Decision Day

    I just found it on the bowsite forum. Didn't surprise me in the least that apps went up. They go up every year don't they? Especially with literally hundreds of posts from people drooling thinking they were gona jump a few points to their dream tag with EVERYONE STAYING OUT BECAUSE of CHINA...
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    April 7...Decision Day

    Desert sheep doesn’t accumulate points so...
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    April 7...Decision Day

    Saw on another forum that preliminary reports are showing Colorado apps are up once again.(BIG shock!) I guess everyone being government ordered to stay at home had plenty time to put in. Or could it have been that everyone banked on getting that tag that they were three points away from...