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    Hey guys, I bought a .300RUM Sendero from a buddy of mine. He used it for 6 years in CO and came home with 5 muleys and 3 elk. That being said, he has been using the factory made Remington 150gr Swift Scirocco. He mentioned that he could never get 180gr ammo to hold a decent group but the 150gr...
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    Hydration Bladder for Kuiu pack

    Hey guys, I ordered the Kuiu Venture 2300 and they don?t have any bladders in stock. Anyone use something different that works well with Kuiu packs? I don?t want to order a random bladder and it not work with the pack. Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello from South Texas

    Hello all! Newbie to the forum here. Myself and 3 buddies have secured a hunt in SW Colorado for 3rd Rifle Season in 2018. Stumbled across the forum awhile back and decided to join in the fun. We are all experienced hunters in South Texas but figured it was time we venture out of state. We will...
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    2018 3rd Rifle

    Hello all. So myself and 3 other buddies are set to hunt 3rd rifle season. We will be along the 711/70 border. It?s our first time hunting SW Colorado. Just looking to see if anyone has hunted the area recently. Looking for a few tips and pointers due to our lack of knowledge of the area. We are...