Hello from South Texas


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Jan 22, 2018
South Texas
Hello all! Newbie to the forum here. Myself and 3 buddies have secured a hunt in SW Colorado for 3rd Rifle Season in 2018. Stumbled across the forum awhile back and decided to join in the fun. We are all experienced hunters in South Texas but figured it was time we venture out of state. We will be hunting the border of GMU?s 711/70. Just looking to gain knowledge and hear experiences from you seasoned guys about our area in Colorado. Looking to research some gear and whatever else you guys have to throw my way! Thanks for having me here and happy hunting to all!

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Oct 12, 2014
Woodland Park, Colorado
Welcome and thanks for the intro. Lots of great people and info here!

CC is your go to man for that neck of the woods. Looks like he already sent you a PM. Welcome!