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    pa elk hunting

    Large portions of the Elk Zones are on Public land including a large portion in the Allegheny national forest. There are also so few tags that I cannot see crowding being a problem. You should not consider these as part of your draw strategy. They are lottery long shots that or more aligned...
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    pa elk hunting

    Both PA and KY are an Extremely cheap donations for a lottery type odds at a great tag. No reason not to apply, especially if you are already applying in long shots like NV and UT, which are extremely expensive.
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    2020 draw results thread

    No luck for me, broke my streak at 2 years in a row. Hopefully I hit in another state.
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    6% non-resident draw tags

    Does anyone else think there might be an uptick in odds this year from people not applying with all the craziness going on in the world. I know 2 people that didn't apply because they were worried. Anyone else?
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    Outfitter for a backcountry Elk Hunt

    I agree with this advise. I'd also add that a ton of people end up really disappointed if you have an inches of antler goal on a first Elk hunt. Go with an open mind and enjoy an experience that will be like no other hunting experience you've had before.
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    More Colorado archery OTC units to move to draw only

    By my count that is 16 Units that will become limited archery. I wonder what effect it will have on crowding in the remaining OTC archery units that are already quite crowded?
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    More Colorado archery OTC units to move to draw only

    Is there any info or public release on this that anyone has seen?
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    Where do we begin?

    Something to consider, its very difficult to get bull tags in better units. But many of those better units you can draw a cow tag with little or no points. Elk hunting also has a very steep learning curve compared to some other types. Consider for a first hunt getting some cow tags in a...
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    2019 OTC 2nd rifle elk

    I saw a few bears in there is summer while foraging for mushrooms in the burn. One of which was an absolute beast. You are likely correct that pressure will be high. Also be advised that many of the forest roads that are on your map are closed because they washed out due to the burn. This...
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    First Day Archery in unit 36 New Mexico. Got it done spot and stalk style.
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    2020-2024 season structure proposed options Here is the link for the options for the new season structure after the surveys. Make sure to go fill out the 2nd survey for what you prefer. And sound off on here about what you think?
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    Stop the Wolf in Colorado

    I am sure most of you have seen the infuriating news about the ballot initiative moving forward for the 2020 ballot that will force the release of Wolves into Colorado. I'm pretty sure they still have to get 200k signatures, a simple task on the streets of Boulder. I also believe there is a...
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    1st time goat hunt CO G12

    I got extremely lucky in the application season this year and struck gold on a CO G12 1st rifle goat hunt. This is my 1st ever goat hunt and I am now just starting my research. Has anyone hunted this unit that may be willing to talk to me? Or anyone who hasn't, have any good resources for...
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    CO seeks input on season structure I think we all agree some change is needed in CO season structure. Provide your feedback with link above. Or tell us what changes you think are needed? By how the question pattern is asked it sounds like they are...
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    Leftover Watch App

    I have installed and am using this APP. Its easy to setup and input the codes you're looking for. I however have not had my codes come up yet. Is anyone else using this? Has anyone had success with it?