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    Fog proof

    I fell for it again. I was looking in Cabelas catolog and found "Parkers" spray for fogging binos. The label says it is my solution to my fog problems. Wow, I fell for it again and bought it. Guess what. It did not work. I left my swaros at home and took my zeiss. All fogged up. Tried it...
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    Gordon Eastman

    Anyone know if dvd's have been made with Gordon Eastman movies and where to buy them. There was a Colorado muley film I would like to see again as well as some others. Mr. Eastman, oh sorry! "Mike" maybe u know the answer to this.
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    Best management state

    I have been reviewing most of the western states publication, stats, and reccomendations. I have also been reviewing there past ones. So far I have concluded Nevada seems to manage best for trophy potential and Colorado for numbers. Hunting opportunities seem to be better in Colorado and...
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    new editor

    I might have missed this but who is the new Eastmans bow hunting editor.