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    Who else is...

    Nah, it's the other way around. Watching your consistency is beyond admirable, you have made this thread what it is and I am sure that more than a few people have looked at this and been encouraged watching you put in the time and effort you have.
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    Mule Deer Assistance

    I am going to throw this out there on the 200" inch chasing.... 200" mule deer are INCREDIBLY hard to find. Even on the winter range finding legitimate holy grail bucks is the challenge of a lifetime. They are truly the top 2-5% of bucks on the mountain and they are that big for a reason, they...
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    Bullet choices?

    Vote for Cooper!!!!
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    Beef Brisket - smoking/grilling

    We are back to below $4.00/lb just about everywhere. Hoping that I can smoke one here soon before it gets too cold.
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    Favorite mule deer bullet?

    I can't remember if I have replied to this it goes. I am a simple man, my .300 Win Mag loves the 200 grain ELD-X Precision Hunter rounds. Big bucks can be tough and where I hunt them I want him to be planted firmly into the mountain. The bucks I am hunting this year are in...
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    Who else is...

    I got my huntings season cardio in this morning, I set the elliptical to the random option and ran like a mad man for 32 minutes. No weights for me this week as next is my big deer trip and I don't feel like having sore legs before I head out for that one.
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    Bullet choices?

    I haven't had any issues with lead in the animals that I have put down. My 2018 deer for example was kind of an odd angled shot, there wasn't an exit hole as it pretty much went straight into him. My 2014 bull was actually a 150 grain bullet, believe it or not, and at 120 yards zipped through...
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    Bullet choices?

    I have been shooting the ELD-X bullets since they arrived, and the Precision Hunter ammo has grouped just fine, so there wasn't a need to spend time developing a load.
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    Bullet choices?

    Who is cooper??? LOL
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    Bullet choices?

    Here is what my logic has been for a very long time, take it for what it is worth. Would you rather be hit with a baseball or a pool que both flying at similar speeds. Both are pretty similar in size but one weighs quite a bit more, which is why I will generally try to pick the top 20% of the...
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    Who else is...

    25 minutes of interval cardio then a short Bicep workout this morning. I am happy with that.
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    Yup, no thanks. i am not a fan of the rattlers.
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    Wyoming Opening Day

    Go enjoy it, have fun! If it’s crowded go hang out and come back a couple days later.
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    2020 EHJ Success Thread

    @THelms check out this buck...
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    The hot August has taken it’s toll.