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    Removable blades or fixed blade?

    Long-haul thread here; all good; non-removable, larger folders for me; I use this for everything, though have yet to tear down an elk I shot; have helped others though:
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    Preference Points

    I've been building WY DEA points since 2014; with some breaks when finances were tight, but am, and always will be, behind in the line. Couple that with 90/10 sure to come to pass, and I'll be cashing out the DA as soon as practical; and be done with those. Will hang on to E as long as I can...
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    ? On Initial Evals of a Rifle/Build

    For bedding compound, what do most guys use? Seems like there are Acraglass and Devcon camps.
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    ? On Initial Evals of a Rifle/Build

    'CC, Barrel was re-bored from 30-06 to 35 Whelen; gunsmith set the correct head space; test fired it, and sent it back; contour is the same as the original 'sacrificial' gun. It was a bargain Savage 110E I got cheap in good condition, so I decided to try reboring it, and converting to 35...
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    ? On Initial Evals of a Rifle/Build

    My rebored Savage 110E barreled action came back the other day; visually everything looks good, test firing report from the gunsmith looks good. So, now begins the work of dropping it back in the stock, mounting a scope, deciding what/if any bedding is needed, and also working up a load for...
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    Badlands Morning

    Me, my 8 yr old son, my 10 yr old daughter camped just outside the National Park, near Interior, SD last weekend.
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    When do you start...

    365 days, 24/7; as my wife will attest, I'm always scheming some way to get out hunting! Maybe I didn't quite answer the question, as I look at other folks responses? Well, I guess my 'plan' is to get the cheapest tags I can get, and is heavily centered on WY. Unless someone returns a tag...
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    Badlands Morning

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    Wolf Reintroduction Sign Walden

    That high terrain along the WY/COL border is among my favorite places on the planet. Godspeed some sanity prevails. They've already been killing cattle and causing trouble. Why can't these people just leave well enough alone?
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    Draw Results for the Leftover Draw

    There's a banner on the WY G&F site saying it's being loaded up for leftover draw results tmrw morning; they must have moved up the posting...
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    Happy 4th

    Happy Independence Day! Participate in your government, talk to your neighbor; heck, share a cold brew with your neighbor. Fight the good fight. Keep it civil. Mostly. lol 😆
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    35 Whelen-Powders?

    I decided to have it re-bored. It's with JES out in Oregon right now. He'll re-bore it, set the headspace, and test fire it. Hoping to get it back before August. Then the real fun will begin.
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    35 Whelen-Powders?

    Thanks for the ideas, guys; will see if I can get my hands on some of these other powders. I have RL-19 and 8208 XBR in hand. A buddy has some RL-15; but he's short on large rifle primers. May work a deal. lol
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    35 Whelen-Powders?

    Will be working up loads for my 35 Whelen before too long. I have Fed large rifle primers, Hornady 200gr spire pt Interlocks; hoping to work up a sensible deer load to start. I have IMR 8208, but interested in hearing what else has worked well; or any experience with 8208. Thanks!
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    WY Antelope unit 32

    I hunted in a unit near there last October. Unless something drastic happens, there should be plenty of animals, despite the overall antelope tag reductions. IIRC, after speaking to the biologist out of Casper, a handful of herds in that area were doing ever so slightly better than others...