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    Oregon wolves We were up at Diamond Lake last weekend, doing some work on our cabin. We had a fella hauling in rock to do a little road maintenance and he saw a wolf on the south end of the lake. That's the 3rd wolf that I've...
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    Nevada Outfitter for deer

    My dad and 2 uncles have never hunted Nevada and are wanting to go. They are up there in age (70's) and cant do a really physical hunt. They are very experienced. They aren't too particular about the area, but obviously would like a shot at good bucks. Any one that would like to share some...
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    And another poaching bust...... This is getting really old. Sure wish our judicial system would take this and make an example out of them. Wishful thinking, I suppose. Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll. Everyone be safe...
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    Poachers convicted Badly written article with a lot of info left out, but the conviction info is accurate.
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    Mule Deer Success Thread!

    Found this ol boy on opening day. We decided to hunt an area that we've seen a few bucks in before, but the forest service had gone in and cut all the junipers down for Sage Grouse habitat. Figured it wasn't going to work out because there isn't any real cover, and the deer can see for miles...
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    Superbowl appetizers

    It's my year to host the Superbowl party for family and friends. I always make the same old appetizers......salmon dip, tri-tip nachos, spinach dip yada yada..... I want to do something different this year and I'm completely drawing a blank. I need your help!!!!! If you have something really...
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    Oregon wolves Found this article interesting...... 2 dead wolves. Cause of death unknown. But read the comments, everyone is up in arms thinking that they were poached/shot. Thoughts?
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    Elk shed

    Update..... Found another shed. Doesn't look like the match to the first one, although it could be. Found it about 60 yards from the first one. Coloration is close. Walking a different route back to the house and stumbled upon this elk carcass. Head gone. Legs cut off. Boned out. At least they...
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    Elk shed

    My nephew was out walking around their property yesterday and stumbled on this elk shed. Pretty good Roosevelt!!! We were out there a week or so ago and saw a bunch of elk. Some pretty good bulls around here this year!!! Think I'll go out tonight and try to match this set up.
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    Fishing 2015

    Fished the mouth of the Umpqua on Sunday. Bite was a little slow, but just enough to keep me out there all day. Landed 2. One Chinook and one Jack. Lost a bigger Chinook to a seal. Had a lot of takedowns but no real hookups. Great day fishing! The seals are out of control. Need a seal tag quota...
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    Smoking beef brisket

    So with Easter rapidly approaching, The lil lady and I have decided to have an Easter dinner at our house this year. Instead of family, we are doing a "friends" dinner. We have some friends that are struggling a little, so we thought we'd have them over, and if our families decide to come, all...
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    UTV's who uses one?

    Polaris Ranger 800. Windshield with wiper, winch, and brush guard. Needs a small lift. Has a tendency to bottom out when loaded down with an animal. Also needs a rifle rack that is sealed(dust/water).
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    OSP gets more scumbags Another poaching bust....... Good job OSP. Looks like a few good bucks. Hope the genetics were passed down. Man, this stuff pisses me off. Thank God I'm not a judge, for their sake.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!!! May your holidays be filled with Family, joy, laughter, and tables full of wild game. May you be blessed in drawing those coveted tags we all yearn for. May you have peace, health, and successful hunting and fishing in the coming year. Happy...
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    Let's go Ducks!!!!!!

    Today is redemption day!!!! Time to lock in a spot in the College Football Playoffs. Arizona is going down. Ducks to National Championship and Mariota wins the Heisman. Book it!!!!!!