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    New Mexico requiring quarantine

    losers are folks that dont vote democrat???w t h???trump 2020 for me,,hes got my vote.
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    Quietkat E-Bike Giveaway

    i agree noise over the popping sound a atv makes certainly goes in favor of the e-bike.
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    E-Bikes For Hunting?

    personally im pro-e bike,,,can use behind gates on blm,,but still cant use on most nat forest except on orv trails.
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    Bear hunting tips

    if n m bear 2 is same as 2 b deer,i had that tag last year,,didnt see bear,but id say to find a good waterhole ,,thats where i seen most of the activity
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    Malheur Unit, OR Antelope

    you may want to take a look along shumway cut off road,,seen some out that way just this weekend.
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    Covid-19 Effects on Fall 2020 Hunts

    i hope all will be ok,,ive got a utah hunt,wyoming hunt and a idaho hunt this fall,,,would suck if i had to dodge road blocks at state lines cuzz im going hell or high water.
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    2020 idaho draw is up

    my elk tag is the 30 a unit///previosly the flats south of leadore had antelope in 2014 when i had that tag before,,good luck
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    2020 idaho draw is up

    idaho beat oregon on the draw results this year,,still waiting on oregon even though i have put them in may 15th,,not june 4th like idaho,,,thanks idaho.
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    2020 idaho draw is up

    got lucky,pulled my muzz elk tag this year,,good luck to all,,suprized me results came out this soon.
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    WY Draw Results Antelope/Deer/Elk (Residents)

    it only took 11 years,but i finally drew non-res 89-1 deer tag,,,hope its good this year,,struck out on antelope doe type-6 though.ive been waiting a long time on this one.
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    Eastmans' TagHub Summer Giveaway!!!!

    cool,id like anything,,those are some nice items for joining up tag hub.
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    WY Draw Results Antelope/Deer/Elk (Residents)

    non-res results too on 18th,,,im hoping for a deer tag ive been building points for 11 yrs,and a loper doe tag
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    Bear bait

    ive heard of cooking up marshmellows,bacon grease and rasberry jell-o gelaton till it smokes,,suposed to be like a magnet
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    My letter to ODFW.

    at least you saw a very nice oregon buck
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    CC Hits!

    no love from colorado strike deer,,strike elk,,,just points