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    Mule Deer Assistance

    4X, I would look farther west in NE, central NE is on the eastern edge of our mule deer range unless you are on the north side of the state. Bow hunting you should be able to find mature deer early in the season. Walk in hunt areas surrounded with private have some good bucks on them during...
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    Wyoming elk unit 38 vs 45

    Go 45, if you can draw it. I haven’t been in 38, but have spent a lot of time in 45. Lots of rut activity, lots of success on bulls in the bow season.
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    Plantar fasciitus

    Good advice from all. I had this about 6 years ago, worse in the right foot than the left. Lived with the pain for too long and finally went to a foot doctor. He gave me a steroid shot, was about like driving a 16 penny nail in your heel. That helped a couple months. Next he said he would do...
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    What The New Year Brings...looking forward and backward too!

    (Quote) What am I looking forward to: A Wyoming deer hunt with some forum friends. Been invited and am excited. I’m looking forward to this too, CC.
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    New Partner

    A little follow up, Jack grew up, doing great. We have done real well on pheasants and quail this year. Heck of a nose on him, just the usual puppy mistakes. He is one year old now.
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    Home From Wyoming Antelope & Deer Hunt

    Roger, was hoping to see a pic of that big buck with you beside him. Sounds like you had a great time anyway.
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    New Partner

    Been 6 years since I lost my GSP to cancer. Finally decided it was time for another. This is Jack, 11 weeks old. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Your most memorable hunt(?)

    Was about 1988, b-i-l called and wanted me to come out to Colorado to bow hunt. I hadn't been out for 3 or 4 years. This was 2 days before opener. Threw my recurve and gear in and headed out. Bought otc tags and shot my bow once we got to white river NF where we camped. First evening we saw a...
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    NR Kansas Muley Bow tag

    Finally drew it. As close to winning the lottery as I will ever come. 10 miles to Kansas from my door, Woo hoo!!!! :D
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    Fines for Antelope massacre

    25 antelope were found shot in a wheat field in western Nebraska in November. Nebraska Game and parks caught the guys and they were fined $950 each and given 18 months probation. Sure wasn't much of a fine for all the damage they did killing a whole herd and leaving them to waste. I'm pissed...
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    Swaro ATX and old eyes

    Purchased the Swaro ATX 30-70x95 spotter last year. I tried to justify it and went back and forth for many months before purchasing. After using it for 9 months I can say it was worth it. It is amazing glass. The detail I can see at several miles is just awesome. One reason I had doubts is that...
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    Nebraska Muley

    I finally put a tape to it. 219.5" NT. Didn't score as good as it looks but still nice. Wife finally noticed it hanging on the wall after 10 days. She was on the couch and said "say that wasn't there before?" Makes yours look pretty small. (ouch) Maybe you should give Bill yours and keep his...
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    Game Cams

    This is from a cuddleback black flash.
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    Nebraska Muley

    Brother in law shot this buck in 1963. I got it back from the taxi last week. I decided to get it mounted as it needs to be seen and as a way to pay him back for helping me through the years. I think he was pretty happy. This buck is a beast. He just gets bigger looking all the time. He shot...
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    Purina Mule Deer 22 feed?

    Thinking of supplementing some of the areas where I hunt with a high protein feed. Not so much to grow big antlers but just to just increase health of the deer and get them to come to the feeders. I feed a mixture of corn, wheat and milo now. Does any one have any experience with Purina's mule...