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    It's so dry this year

    Can't wait to get in that area come November!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lander "One Shot" antelope hunt

    That "hunt" needs to be shutdown for good. What a joke/disgrace it is and a classic case of the good'ol boys club.
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    Thor Bullets

    Well that was quick! Just recently ordered some more myself.
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    Drew Wy Unit 108 for elk

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
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    2020 Official Nevada Big Game Draw Countdown.

    Hit the elk lottery! 111-115 Early rifle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 points but luckier than &#*$!!!!!!! Where are all the Nevada guys on here??? Haha.
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    2020 AZ Draw Results Countdown

    Turns out I drew 3B for the September muzzy season. Lucked out!!! Need to talk to some AZ guys!
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    hello from ND

    For the most part, all of the badlands units are good units. 4A, B, C and D are all good. Probably 10-20 year draw for NR though. 4C gets the most hype but really isn't any better than any other unit.
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    hello from ND

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    2020 AZ Draw Results Countdown

    I drew as well with 11 points. Either got lucky with an early muzzy tag or a late rifle. Anxious to find out!
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    Angled or straight??

    Straight. Angled ones are hard to road hunt with and use when mounted to the truck window. :p
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    The 2018 Elk picture Thread

    Colorado muzzy public land bull. Not a big one but it's only my 2nd bull so I wasn't being picky!
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    WY Outfitters Want More NR Elk Tags

    I was in central Wyoming a few years ago antelope hunting and saw this sign. I had turned off a county road which was on BLM and turned onto a different gravel road, got about a half mile down the road and there it was. The county road was on BLM and the road I turned onto was BLM. Never...
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    WY and MT antelope double

    A few more pics. The first one is of a guy flying his ultralight over public land the night before opener about 50 yards off the ground. Gotta love that... Oh, almost forgot to mention that my new favorite meal on a hunting trip is taco in a bag!
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    WY and MT antelope double

    Little late in posting but here are a few pics from my Wyoming and Montana trip this year. Drew a MT tag and also a 2nd choice WY tag and combined them into 1 trip. Found this guy in MT 2 days before the opener and then was able to get him just before sunrise on opening day. Then I...
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    2016 Waterfowl Season in Pictures!

    Here are a few pics as promised. Haven't quite figured out a good way to display them other than on the end of a tailgate.