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    6.5 PRC

    It started as a Sako A7 7mm it was rebarreled with a Bartlein 8 twist 3b contour barrel in a 6.5prc. The factory 7mm barrel performed very poor.
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    Oregon/Canada Vacation Ideas

    Crater lake is a one day event. If I was vacationing in Oregon I'd go to north east Oregon to Joseph hike the eagle caps and check out hells canyon hat point lookout. Take a jet boat ride on the snake river. In western Oregon Silver falls is nice and a lot of people like the beach. Newport is...
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    6.5 PRC

    March 2.5x25
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    6.5 PRC

    Recoil is just slightly more then the creedmoor. One of the guys I shoot with had one built with a 24" fluted bartlein 3b contour and no brake. Factory hornady ammo flew great but extreme spread was a little high. He shoots hand loads with it using 147 grain eldm bullets an reloder 26 powder...
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    Savage Ultralite Rifle with a Proof Barrel

    Savage will sell a lot of these.
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    Something more to ponder during application periods

    This makes life more difficult for nonresidents. It was nice to know the draw results early in the year so I could plan other hunts with out worrying about drawing another hunt that happens on the same dates. I think this change will make it easier to draw a tag in the random but it will...
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    Archery Elk Opportunity Hunt Suggestion...?

    Burn your points and go hunt. You will probably run into more hunting pressure archery elk hunting then rifle elk hunting. Elk meat is always good as long as you take care of it properly. You will find very little information about general season hunts because if people share information on...
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    Unit 43 float hunt

    Flows on the deschutes is enough to float year round. The John Day will only have about 100cfm in it during deer season. You will be dragging your raft many miles unless a big rain storm arrives early. Deschutes is a good trout fishing with a fly rod the John Day is good bass fishing.
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    Sig Sauer Kilo 2000

    You shouldn't have problems at 550 yards. Make sure that the range finder is warm when you try to range long distances. All the range finders I've used loose longer ranging ability when they get cold. I keep mine in my front pocket during hunts that have cold weather.
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    Rethinking Deer Gun

    Put a muzzle brake on the 30-06. Or get a 300 with muzzle brake. Big 30 cal rifles kill very fast.
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    Animals in Packs!

    packing out my dad's bull this fall