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    Savage Accustock Question

    Hey guys, so I have a couple questions regarding the Savage Accustock. So I purchased a 116 Bear Hunter in a 338 Win Mag recently and been having issues getting decent groups with Hornady and Nosler bullets. I have gone through the barrel break-in process as suggested by Savage. After that I...
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    2018 Elk Unit Advice

    I was hoping to reach out at get everyone?s advice on this. I have 6 PP going into the 2018 draw and looking over the draw odds, it seeems I?m out in no mans land. It seems I have plenty of points to draw some decent units but still several points away from max and the better trophy units...
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    NR Sawtooth Elk Tags not going on sale 12/1

    I'm sure a lot of people here know this but for those that don't;
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    Anyone else hunting X7B this season?

    Hey guys, anyone hunting X7B this season? If so how have you been doing? Been seeing much? My son has the jr tag and thanks to buck fever, missed one opening day. Afterwards, I told him, if you don't get excited, time to find something else to do. :D If anyone is up for swapping info through...
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    OTC Rifle Deer in 48 & 49

    Hey guys, so this year I'm looking to make my first trip up into Idaho for deer and since I was unsuccessful in the draw, OTC is my only option. I was wondering how these two units are in the way of quality and ability to get away from crowds. Is the majority of hunters here road hunters or ones...
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    7mm-08 vs 6mm Recoil

    Hey guys, Well had a good weekend but did not get out to hunt turkey though but oh well, still have time left in the season. Well here is what I have found out this weekend after spending a few hours at the shooting bench. To my surprise, the 80 grain barns with and without the tips shot...
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    7mm-08 vs 6mm Recoil

    Hey guys, so I have been doing some research and wanted to see if anyone could add in here. A little background info, I have an older Remington model 600 chambered in 6mm Rem with a 1 in 12 twist barrel that I was working on getting setup for my 12 year old to shoot this coming deer season...
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    Rage 2 Blade broadheads

    For Sale: Rage 2 blade broadheads 100 grain The practice tip has been shot half doz times into my Game Taker target The broadhead in the center of the package has been shot once into the same target, the other 2 have never been shot $25.00 OBO
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    Elk Area 91

    Hey guys, I'm considering putting in for a type 1 license for this area since I'm right on the edge of points to draw this but wonder how the public access is? I did find there are a few walk in areas but per the G&F site the access is listed as poor and the MRS list it as fair.
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    Area 111/112 Cow Hunt – Do cows exist here?

    Hey guys, I have kind of hit a brick wall here and was hoping someone out here would be able to give me a tip or pointers on how to find a cow. So I drew this tag and spent a lot of time researching, talking to the biologist, and so on but due to family commitments I could not get out early to...
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    Pack for Youth

    Hey guys, so my 12, almost 13 year old will be heading out into the field with me this coming deer season in CA and right now I'm in the market for a good youth pack. We do day hikes deep into BLM land in addition to private and normally when we get one down, we quarter them on the spot and take...
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    Blacks Creek and Eberlestock J34

    So I'm in the market for a new pack for this coming deer season to replace my blacks creek Jim Horn Signature Alaskan pack. Overall I have not been impressed with the way the Blacks Creek distrubited the load when I have a whole quartered up black tail deer in it. For those that may not be...
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    Zen-Ray ED3

    So I just recently got a pair of the 10X43's and finally had time to really try them out this weekend. For the most part they are great and very clear but the one thing that jumped out at me and maybe it's because they are ED glass was the color. Over the weekend I was looking out over some...
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    Muddy Mountain HMA

    So I was looking at the game and fish website and looking over some of the HMA's and am interested in Muddy Mountain. THe one question I have is the map is not very clear and having a hard time trying to determine where to enter these areas. I do see some of the symbols for parking areas but...