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    WYOMING 90/10 UPDATE | The best blog you'll read all year! - by Guy Eastman

    Read before you start applying for tags...
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    Covid Altering Bear Behavior?

    Before you roll your eyes and keep scrolling, let me explain. . . I don’t mean that Covid 19 has directly affected bear behavior via infection, I’m talking about the effects Covid had on outdoor recreation and the ripple effect all those extra people in the woods and mountains had on animal...
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    New Beyond the Grid episode! Backcountry Elk Hunt with Guy Eastman

    Hunt backcountry elk with Guy Eastman and Eastman’s subscriber Brad Shurtliff. Late season hunting presents a different set of challenges. Learn tips and tricks to hunting November bulls on this episode of Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’...
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    Conservation: How To Save Hunting

    A great read for everyone!
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    Last Chance!!!!

    Hey everyone, Today is the last day to enter the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. It's free to enter; no purchase is necessary. Click the link!
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    Breathable Hunting Waders by Chêne Gear (Review)

    This review features Chêne Gear Waders for waterfowl hunting. The waders feature premium 4-layer waterproof technology, are breathable and built to last! A unique shoulder strap design and hand warmer pockets ensure all-day comfort even in the worst conditions. Wingman Scott Reekers breaks down...
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    Black Ovis Review – All The Hunting Gear You Need!

    This review features It's a one-stop shop for all of your backcountry, outdoor gear. Boots, optics, clothing - you name it, they have it. Ike Eastman shares all his favorites, including their Rewards Points System and Arrow ID Customizer. Be sure also to check out all of the Black...
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    Insulated Crispi’s

    West River is a great boot! I wouldn't hesitate on pulling the trigger on those. I run the Crispi Guides a lot and love them!
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    Bob cat

    Congrats! On my TO DO list this winter!!! I have family in Montana that does trapping. I hope to learn lots and give me something to do during the off-season!
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    Are you a follower of...?

    Thank you all for your feedback! Much appreciated.🙌
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    Are you a follower of...?

    Hey guys! Needing a little feedback. Is anyone a follower or watches hunting content on ? Have a good week!
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    Grizzly Mauls Pair Of College Wrestlers

    Last Saturday, October 15th was a fateful day in the mountains of northwestern Wyoming for a pair of college wrestlers who decided to do some outdoor recreating south of Cody. Kendall Cummings and Brady Lowry were looking for shed antlers and enjoying the gorgeous fall weather with two other...
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    Eastmans Hunting and Bowhunting Journal Success Thread

    That's That is so awesome! Really happy for you guys. Congrats!!!
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    Eastmans Hunting and Bowhunting Journal Success Thread

    Hey everyone, Please drop in your 2022 success stories and photos in the comments. Our editor will be checking this thread daily for article submissions. Good luck this fall!