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    Army Paratrooper Killed By Bear

    The fatal mauling of Staff Sgt. Seth Michael Plant by a female brown bear on Alaska’s Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson late last week serves as yet another stark reminder of just how tenuous life in the backcountry can be. Staff Sgt. Plant was killed while scouting an area of JBER for future land...
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    What's everyone up to?

    That is a beautiful home!
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    What's everyone up to?

    Hey guys! Haven't checked in a minute. What is everyone up to this spring? Going to be hitting the hills pretty quick looking for a 🐻... In the past weeks, I have been putting a lot of miles on the horses.
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    Does it makes sense anymore?

    I couldn't agree more.
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    Does it makes sense anymore?

    Is hunting in multiple states becoming less and less logistically feasible? With point creep, tag cost, cost of fuel, and many other factors I feel as if the idea of hunting other states is heading for a thing of the past. I have had multiple conversations with guys moving out West for the sole...
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    Montana Black Bear Season Update

    Hey guys! Here is a good reminder for anyone hunting black bears in Montana this Dan Pickar Spring bear season is upon us in Montana and there are a few new things to keep in mind. The big news from last year is that running bears with hounds is now legal so be sure to keep that in...
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    Eastmans’ Hunting Journals and Kryptek Join Forces

    In today’s confusing times it’s important to surround yourself with people and communities that share your values, interests, and beliefs. Eastmans’ Hunting Journals has always been staunchly pro 2A, defended our Constitution, supported veterans and aligned ourselves with hunting patriots that...
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    Lighted Nocks and Expandables in Idaho?

    BY: Jordan Breshears Do politics belong in wildlife management? Yes, you read that correctly but this blog is about lighted nocks and expandable broadheads. Or is it? If you have been following the trends most hunters know that states around the country have widely accepted the advancement of...
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    The Curious Case of Idaho’s Disappearing Deer & Elk

    By: Jordan Breshears Wolves, these amazing predators claim headlines, article content, and conversation points often enough that it becomes overwhelming and even a point of contention for some. What started back in 1995 when 31 wolves were arguably “reintroduced” into Yellowstone National Park...
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    Wyoming Passes 90/10: The Worst Article You’ll Read This Year - by Guy Eastman

    If you are one of the nearly 12,000 nonresident sheep or moose applicants in the Wyoming preference point system this will probably be one of the most infuriating articles you will read this year. Before I go any further on this subject I need to highlight two important points of clarity...
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    Needing Ideas...

    Hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys first on topics we can discuss to help you out on TagHub. I guess my question is what do you guys wanna know about elk? Tactics, gear, application strategy, anything. Drop a comment, please!!! On another note... New Mexico Elk Expert analysis is up on TagHub...
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    Electronic Bow Sight

    Hey guys, I know some states don't allow electronic bow sights...but where would you see this beneficial product?
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    CWD Management - Science or Money?

    By Brandon Mason: As I reported in my blogs on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) management in Wyoming in the spring (click here to read) and summer (click here to read) of 2020, the Wyoming Game & Fish management plan contains some potential management strategies that are very concerning...
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    What is everyone up to?

    How does that bike do in the snow? I've been thinking about pulling the trigger on one. Looks like fun!
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    What is everyone up to?

    We cannot be friends... JK I do enjoy snow shoeing with the fam!