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    Draw Stats Posted

    all temporary, expect a complete reversal next year. Rich
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    MT Mule Deer over $600?

    It wasn't that long ago you could buy leftover tags for deer hunting through the summer. It was after a few bad years and folks bailed on the price over quality. The deer numbers have increased, but not near what the good old days were and definitely not enough with unlimited pressure. I...
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    Preference Points Going into the Draw

    And you have to buy the points in a separate application in July through September
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    Preference Points Going into the Draw

    you have what you have for the draw. You don't add one until after a unsuccessful draw.
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    Relocation to Hotchkiss, CO (North Fork Valley) advice

    I have a good friend who lives between Delta and Cedaridge. I think it is one of the most beautiful places around. Weather toward Delta and Montrose isn't as severe as other places. Cedaridge is also very nice. I guess I just don't like the vibe of Hotchkiss or Paoinia. Lots of small out of the...
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    WY 57 or 64 lope 9 points

    Here is an example of what 57 can produce. Rich
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    MT region 7 rut hunt

    I have hunted around Broadus MT in region 7 for the last 30 years or so. You are on the right track. I have observed hard rut from the 10th of November all the way to the week after thanksgiving. I could never figure out the difference from year to year. The locals always told me to go after the...
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    I need some Yeti love to get my sons elk back from CO every year. This is a second season 2014 OTC bull. Nothing better than having your kids out hunt the old man on a consistent basis. Rich
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    Don't wait for next year as a lost hunt is never found!

    Don't wait for next year as a lost hunt is never found!
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    2014 Colorado bucks are home

    I have a awesome taxidermist who just finished my wife's CO muzzy buck and my CO 2nd season buck. I can't get enough mule deer hunting. Hope you enjoy the photos. I am not a technical genius so if these photos don't show up please send me a cell phone number so I can send the photos to you to...
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    90 percenter

    I really enjoyed the article in the last Journal titled 90%er. I truly believe that this rule applies especially as it comes to mule deer. I thought we could have a little fun with this. In the article there were some funny examples of what a 90 %er is or does. So, i know a bunch of you have a...
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    Nevada 2014 statistics posted

    They are available on the nevada site, Rich