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    Support your fellow hunter

    I saw this post and thought it was some good wisdom and thought I'd share it here. We have enough of a battle with the anti hunter. United we stand a chance. Divided we will fall. While we all get along pretty well here on this forum, it's a good reminder to stand together and support our...
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    Just Landscapes

    I thought I'd start a thread on "Just Landscapes". I'm kind of obsessed in taking pictures of them. I'm probably out somewhere each week trying to capture a sunset or take a landscape picture in a new place or with some new angle, or creative idea, ect.... Anyway, I just thought I'd start one...
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    Searching for West

    It's so funny how moments in time come and go and all the travels and conversations that take place in life. The quote below has stuck with me almost a year and a half ago. Not sure Mark will remember it or even our brief conversation it but the words did with me and I found them very...
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    What do you think he scores?

    I'm just curious. What do you think this buck scores, just a ballpark? I thought he looked pretty good for a Eastern California Serria buck but I only have the front view pict of him.
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    Time Lapse Wildlife and Landscapes

    Just thought I'd start something kind of different, in Wildlife and Landscapes as a thread. Does anybody have any short time lapse clips for, Wildlife and Landscapes that they have done? Just messing with the camera this past Sunday afternoon and thought I'd post a new thread...
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    California wildlife official in hot water over mountain lion hunt

    I just came across this article in the San Jose Mercury News. It burns me that Daniel W Richards has to deal with this batch of malarkey. I'm not sure how true it is but I read he could get voted out of office if he gets a majority vote by CA state legislature. What a crock. He paid for the...
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    New Years Resolution?

    Are you making a New Years Resolution? What is it? Did you have one last year???
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    2011 muley 1 stop shop!

    Montana 2011
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    Anyone Have City Limit Pictures??

    Some Cali bucks on a hike up the hills near our home today. Almost all of the bucks are out of velvet here. I only saw a spike in velvet today.