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    Best unit in Wy?

    This was unit 67. It’s no secret. I won’t be saving up points for goats there anymore. Great cutters, little weak on top. Probably about 75” or so Saw one that was larger but couldn’t get close enough in the wind for a good shot. This was a herd buck and was working his tail off to keep out the...
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    The 2018 Elk picture Thread

    Wyoming. my first bull
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    Let's meet the dogs

    [ Jiggy on left and Mick on Right in all pics Cheers
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    1972 GMC 4x4 suburban

    Gotta go. its a 1/2 ton 4 speed with a 350. Originally out of montana. Thought maybe someone on here could put it to good use. gonna go on Craigslist as well 7500 obo Jerrod 510 754 5484 Cheers
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    Another thread on Wyo elk

    So I will have 8 points for elk this year before the draw, my dad will have one. I want to share my points as a party and I think we will average at 4.5. Is that correct, 9 divided 2=4.5. Looking for a unit we might draw that would offer relatively good chances at a branch antlered bull, or...
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    Randoms from this years hunt

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    Randoms from this years hunt

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    Mule Deer Success Thread!

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    x7b california

    My dads is a 24" 4x3 and mine is a 26 1/2" 4x4
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    Wyo 106

    Hey Y'all Got 7 points going into the draw this year. I was looking at 106 UINTAs for elk this year. Looks like it takes about 9 in the regular draw and one (?) in the special draw. My dad drew 45 last year and got an elk so he is back to square one. I wanted to share my points with him...
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    Just sayin Hi. My dad shoots an old model 600 Remington in 6mm, its a tack driver. He uses it...

    Just sayin Hi. My dad shoots an old model 600 Remington in 6mm, its a tack driver. He uses it almost exclusively. Cheers Jerrod
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    I am sure Im not the only member on the site. Going to the dinner for the Livermore/Eastbay area tonight. Maybe we will win something, fingers crossed. Should be a good time anyway. Usually go to the lassen chapter banquet in Susanville but my recent knee surgery sorta put the kybosch(?) on...
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    New Guys

    Its crazy how many guys are signing up to the forum before most of big game drawings, or after they have drawn their tag looking for spots. I don't even know why they waste their time signing up, most of the info they are looking for has already been said in other threads. Just an observation...
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    One man bivy

    Picked up a REI Roadster at the flea market. 3 dollars! Only catch is it doesn't have the pole. Online they don't have any replacement ones so I guess I will have to head to the store. Anyone use a similar tent and if so do you like it. It looks pretty small, one person and no gear, but I...
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    Hunting with a dog

    I haven't really lookt yet but I thought I would through it out there. Is it legal in Wyoming to have a dog with you while you pursue or take game. I have a little terrier dog I like to accompany me while I hunt, she doesn't necessarily hunt deer and I wouldn't be pursuing deer with dogs. She...