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    Caption contest for prize!

    Did It Again!!!
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    2020 Mule Deer Success Thread

    1st deer is my sons 2020 deer 2nd deer is my wife's 2020 deer.
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    Scouting 2020

    Speed Goat is nice (to me). Deer are pretty young, but still fun to watch.
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    Goals For 2020 Hunting Season?

    Goal is to go harder and farther than I have before! I've been killing it (for me) this preseason working out, scouting and shooting! Elk Tag - Fill the freezer with a cow!! Deer - Every year my goal is to kill a bigger buck than last year. This year my mule deer goal is a 155 to 170 class...
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    Archery Targets

    My two favorite targets are the GlenDel Buck and the Morrell High Roller. I have had the GlenDel Buck 3D target for about 6 months and it has held up great in the short time. I have been shooting it almost every day (Field Tips & Broadheads). Also has held up great to the Montana wind, early...
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    The July/August Fat Off

    Don't know if it's to late to join, but I am totally in! I'm 41 and every year, for the last 3 years, I lose around 20 pounds from January to June (ish) then I gain it back with bad eating habits, holidays and Dark Beer. January started off just like the others but when COVID hit it gave me a...