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    For the Big Bore Guys

    hope you do! If you can swing it, I wouldn't think twice about hiring a guide/outfitter to help ya out, it'll be worth it, plus the meat.
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    For the Big Bore Guys

    You need a buffalo hunt! ;) always thought taking a bison with the .458 Lott would be pretty cool, I think it's pretty close to the .45-110 or .45-120 from back in the day...
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    Opening Day Montana Mountain Goat

    Congrats, looks awesome! What Unit? if you care to share... Cartridge/bullet? I want one!
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    6.5 To kill an elk?

    "Investment" :)
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    6.5 To kill an elk?

    I suspect when they come out with a 338 PRC, everyone will jump on the 338 train... like omg how did they just now invent a 338 ?? I kind of like the 6.5prc, but really would like to see a 7mm-6.5prc introduced, kind of like a short action 280ai.... or baby 300wsm... would be a great sheep...
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    Snowy Range Moose Scouting

    any bowhunts? what are your thoughts on being successful on Moose with the Bow? especially if once and only moose hunt?
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    Learning Curves of Bowhunting

    Yup! I remember waiting and waiting to decide if a buck was a shooter, usually too late... also a lot is happening, buck comes in hot....moving.... gotta draw.... aim... figure out distance...
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    What's Wrong With A Muzzle Break?

    Loud... if shooting prone they can blast dirt dust etc... into the air.... supposedly they put more pressure on your scope.... which really concerns me... make your rifle longer.... less kick, lightweight rifle etc... all sounds good, although I'm not looking to have a 300 rum in a 4 lbs...
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    If you could change your profession, what would it be?

    I'm there now.... debating more engineering vs... possibly something in finance. It's kind of the passion/fun/interests vs. Money$$ although numbers and money were always a interest/passion, too. We'll see... life gave me some curve balls, feel like 40 going on 25 some days...
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    New rifle

    looks great. a .270win not shooting 130 gr? that's blasphemy! lol jk.
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    Grizzly / Wolf question

    I really think a "bring the grizzy back to California" could get some traction..... I know there is a sports team in cali....named the grizzlies....which team that is.... is slipping my mind atm...
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    NA10 Most Bow-Hunt-Able animals...?

    Curious what others think are the "easier" more bow huntable animals to be successful hunting are...? Feel free to expand the NA10 list further if you feel, ex., Brown bear impossible to bear easier... NA10 (in order from sentiment, will be updated) Deer (Whitetail... ) Bear...
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    DIY or guided ?????

    sounds reasonable to me... also, how long have you been applying for that hunt/unit?? If this hunt is going to happen once in your lifetime...or every 10years.... 4k over 10 years....$400/year. I too feel like I could DIY an elk hunt more easily than I could a DIY mule deer. If this were a...
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    Altitude sickness

    I've had problems at altitude.... have hiked tall mountains of Colorado... and on higher altitude hunts... I know they say athletic fitness doesn't affect altitude sickness....but... after a couple years of running.... and racing 5k's etc... regularly, long easy cardio... I had...
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    Canada Gun Ban!

    Always thought a 3.5" 20ga slug gun would be awesome! Maybe a 3.5" 20ga shotshell for birds will lead the way?? Are 16ga outlawed? maybe a 3" or 3.5" 16ga is another option... seems ridiculous to outlaw 10 and 12ga shotguns IMO...