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    WY 2019 Grizzly Relocation Annual Report

    Doesn't CA, OR, and WA need some Grizzly Bears? Restore the Grizzly...
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    Scope for 22-250

    coyotes and varmints at longer range... you might want a 4-16x or 5-25x type scope.
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    My "Western Rifle" Weight

    I don't know how that rifle has 0 kick? at the range?? Have an a bolt wood stock 300 win.mag though with boss and it kicks like a mule, harder than my 340 wby synthetic no brake. 8 lbs magnum sounds pretty nice... 8-10 lbs depending on the magnum I think... I have a 6lbs .243 and it's too...
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    Who is bowhunting where?

    That WY Moose tag ;)
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    Wy SF0074

    What are all these states going to do when they reach the maximum tag price a hunter will pay...? Have to actually budget/plan? raise resident tag fees? I'd almost like to see all non-res band together and pick 1 state to not apply to, maybe rotate states each year... we could do it, still...
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    Wyoming bison

    Heard the hunt has become tougher.... yet the outfitters still claim a 95% + success rate I read... so may consider getting a guide.... that bull tag keeps going up! $$$$ good luck!
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    6.5 PRC

    What rifle and barrel is that? Looks good!
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    altitude sickness

    Aerobics :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    altitude sickness

    Never heard of either of those for altitude sickness.... have heard of diamox? honestly, I strongly believe being fitter, more aerobically fit can only help...I know they say it doesn't matter when it comes to getting altitude sickness... but my thinking is.... lets say you go high out of...
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    Am I the only one who does not enjoy cleaning firearms?

    You don't Have to.... how many guns are you cleaning? seems pretty quick harmless to me... I'm not doing it all the time but after shooting... I'll knock it out pretty quickly I think.
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    Hammock Sleeping

    No thanks! may be comfy for a but sleeping all night, no thanks.
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    Savage Ultralite Rifle with a Proof Barrel

    What's with the short action cartridges built on their long action??
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    Wyoming's Top Scoring Pronghorn?

    Noticed in eastmans' mrs.... 2 of the top 3 pronghorn have come from fremont country, anyone know which units these came out of? also they said they were from 2016 and 2017. Looks like WY biggest antelope ever scored 92 0/8. Wow! I think if I was lucky enough to take anything over 82" I would...
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    Decided on Caliber - Now need to decide on Rifle

    I would just make sure it's built on a short action, not long action. and I would probably want a 22" barrel, not 24", possibly even 20". Good luck! Let us know what you decide. believe the tikka and weatherby in 6.5cm, would only be built on long actions... weatherby mkv long action...
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    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    are all of these goats in unit 4? any other units?