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    Got drawn for Unit 10 mule deer. Now what???

    How many points?
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    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    My first big game animal. My wife and I both filled this weekend in western South Dakota. We have been working at this for a couple years, and it was really nice to meet with some success.
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    What have you done today to prepare for this fall?

    I have seen this type of thread on other forums I frequent, and thought it would be interesting to try here. 12 weeks until Wyoming deer season opens for us, you archery guys have even less. Better get busy. ;) I ordered BLM maps for my area, and called the forest service to get a MVUM sent...
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    Enforcement of MVUM in the Bighorns

    Pretty simple question. Just want to know if that map is enforced, or if people go where they want. There are a couple of nice sized areas outside the wilderness that we would like to hunt, but the idea of listening to atv and utv traffic is not our idea of a good time. We also don't want to...
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    A good problem to have

    Hey everyone. My wife and I are slowly learning how to hunt big game. After our hunt for antelope this fall we made a list of things we needed before our next hunt. That will be next fall, Wyoming Y and West River South Dakota. One of the big things we needed was a more hunting friendly rifle...
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    South Dakota joining the party.

    Hello everyone. I found this forum while researching hunting out west. My wife and I are new to big game hunting. We have plenty of skill and determination, and are focused on traveling to hunt deer. We have tried antelope hunting a couple times without killing anything, not for lack of...