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    The 2018 Mule Deer Picture Thread!

    Just sharing this photo of the mule deer buck I got in Montana the last week of the season. Not a huge buvk but a respectable 3X4. It was special because my son was with me for the whole experience (stalk, shot, recovery, gutting, and gettting him back to truck.) It was a tough chore in tough...
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    The 2018 Antelope Picture Thread!

    F4 Finally got my first antelope with a bow this year! It was a fun spot and stalk hunt in Montana and I was elated to make a good, clean shot at 38 yards that took care of him quickly. Always a great experience to get anything (big or small) with archery equipment.
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    Your biggest bull to date

    Here is my first and only bull so far. I got him in Montana and he is 393 5/8 gross and 388 6/8 net typical. He is a very symmetrical 7x7 and RMEF took him on their Great Elk Tour in 2011. Quite a way to honor a great bull.
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    Mike calls in a Piebald

    That is really cool! I saw my first albino deer (a whitetail doe) this year in Montana while hunting antelope. That was a pretty neat experience too. They sure stand out so hopefully the piebalds and albinos are able to avoid predators (4-legged and 2-legged) because they are just neat to see.
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    Excellent article by Dave Hoshour

    I really appreciate the two-part article "In Defense of Hunting" that appears in the MRS of the latest issues of EHJ and EBJ. Hopefully most of you have had a chance to read it. There is another thread that briefly mentions the article, but I feel it deserves more attention. Dave Hoshour...
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    New Way To Blow A Stalk

    This isn't the best picture but I'm pretty sure he was a Boone and Crockett porcupine... at least it felt like it when I was standing on him. I'm glad mine wasn't a racer or I would have had a wild ride.
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    New Way To Blow A Stalk

    I’ve become pretty proficient over the years at blowing stalks in all the normal ways. But last Friday, I discovered a whole new way to screw up a stalk. While bowhunting antelope in northcentral Montana, I was sneaking in on a nice buck. I was hustling through a strip of uncut wheat trying to...
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    Appreciate the Eastmans' forums -- new 7 mm

    At a recent RMEF banquet, I was forunate to win a raffle for a Browning AB3 in 7 mm. I've hunted all my life but have never owned a 7 mm. I recalled seeing some threads up here such as "best all-around rifle" and plenty of others that have been a great source of info for me. I also found that...